Respite &

short-term care

Respite care at Pennine Lodge

Taking care of a loved one who has dementia or challenging care needs, can be physically and mentally challenging. As a carer it is important that you take care of your wellbeing too and take a rest when needed.

At Pennine Lodge our experienced care team are here to support by providing trustworthy respite care for your loved one. We offer this service for older and working-aged adults living with dementia , challenging behaviours and other care needs including mental health illness.

Whether you need emergency respite, professional care while your loved one recovers from an operation or illness, or a rest break we are here to help either for a short time or over a longer period – whatever you need.

Benefits of respite care

Respite care offers a number of benefits both for carer and the individual requiring support:

  • As a carer you can fully relax knowing that your loved one is in safe hands with our experienced care team at Pennine Lodge
  • You can call or visit whenever you like during your loved one’s stay with us. This allows you to check in and ensure all parties are happy with the arrangement
  • A change of scenery during a respite period can be really positive. Your loved one will have an opportunity to interact with new people and try new activities.

Person-centred care 

At Pennine Lodge we provide a personalised care service to all our individuals, whether they are staying with us for short-term respite care or long-term living at our home. All our ladies and gentlemen have their own furnished rooms and we encourage everyone to participate in our events and activities.